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DigiSure's Top Picks for STR Forum Panel Discussions

As you navigate the dynamic landscape of the sharing economy, understanding how to maximize growth and profitability is key. In this blog, we highlight DigiSure's top picks from the upcoming STR Forum. These selected panel discussions underscore the relevance of DigiSure's comprehensive insurance solutions, offering insights into strategic growth, data utilization, risk management, and profitability optimization in today's challenging market. Dive in to discover how DigiSure is redefining the way businesses approach their expansion and revenue goals.


Downturn Prep: Maximizing Profits, Stress Testing, Financial Sustainability, Metrics, Margins, Data

Leveraging DigiSure's solutions, our partners ensure no profit is overlooked, thanks to visibility into their insurance program. Our scalable insurance tools and services seamlessly support growth and expansion plans. DigiSure's data-driven insights empower businesses to make confident pricing decisions, striking the perfect balance between occupancy and profitability. With DigiSure, businesses can harness the power of data to fuel their ambitious growth and revenue goals.


Adding $ To Get You Through… ROI-Producing Ancillary Services Like Smart Tech, Designs & Furnishings

Don’t overlook embedded insurance as an ROI-Producing product. By integrating DigiSure's solutions, businesses can confidently navigate their insurance landscape, add value to their offerings, and make data-driven decisions that positively impact their bottom line. DigiSure handles program management and pricing, administers policies, and offers full transparency for better control and decision-making.


Using Data To Support Best Practices: Booking, Channel Management, Communications & Screening

Using data to support best practices is exactly what we do. DigiSure is the only partner providing businesses unrivaled access to vital performance metrics of their insurance program, eliminating the traditional silos between screening, insurance, and claims. By offering seamless integration of people and data, DigiSure equips companies with the tools to take command of their insurance ecosystem. With this holistic approach, DigiSure empowers businesses to make informed, data-driven decisions, optimizing their insurance program and enhancing profitability.


Navigating Landlord Insurance Solutions

Our expertise in managing complex insurance ecosystems, coupled with a data-driven approach, offers robust coverage solutions tailored to your needs. Whether it's fostering collaboration for nationwide coverage or educating property owners on suitable coverage types, DigiSure empowers businesses to seamlessly integrate comprehensive insurance solutions into their workflows. With DigiSure, navigate the unique challenges of insurance for real estate owners and platforms  with confidence and precision.


Time To Expand? Growing At Home vs. Expanding Products/Services vs. Picking/Entering New Markets

DigiSure's advanced screening solution is pivotal for businesses aiming to expand, whether in existing programs, through product/service diversification, or by venturing into new markets. Our process balances decision-making to harmonize with a company's unique risk appetite and expansion objectives. Beyond this, DigiSure makes it possible for  marketplaces to devise and launch new insurance products tailored to support their expansion opportunities. DigiSure empowers businesses to navigate their expansion journey with confidence and precision.


Growth vs. Profits: Which Way To Go In This Challenging Market?

In the challenging battle of growth versus profits, DigiSure is a crucial ally. Our advanced screening solution and capabilities in crafting and launching bespoke insurance products equip companies to find the right balance. Whether you're considering adding new products, planning for a portfolio sale or a public offering, or striving for strategic growth like a boutique, DigiSure's data-driven insights can guide your decisions. We help businesses navigate complex markets, manage bandwidth, and stay profitably ahead, even when rapid growth seems challenging. With DigiSure, the choice between growth and profits becomes a strategic decision rather than a compromise.


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