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The DigiSure platform

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Let our in-house insurance agency and administration service handle the insurance program management, consulting, and brokering for you.

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Strike the right balance of revenue growth versus costs for your platform with our screening and compliance process. 

DS_Home_Claims Handling

Save money on insurance costs and earn money with embedded insurance with help from our all-in-one solution. 

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Access best-in-class claims handling services that cut downtime in half and keep customers happy—without costing you more. 

Connecting your data across your business

On the DigiSure platform, your data flows freely from the acquisition of new users and assets through the full life of the relationship. Understand how decisions in one area of your business affect outcomes up and downstream.

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Focus on revenue

  • Launch new products
  • Retain more customers
  • Protect your brand
  • Offer embedded insurance and protection
  • Increase assets available for rent
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Avoid common and costly issues

  • Ongoing development to overcome and avoid tech debt
  • Inefficient customer acquisition costs
  • Siloed decision making
  • Unexpectedly high loss ratios
  • Headcount and management costs
  • Negative investor optics
  • Increased premium costs

The DigiSure effect

"Our goal was to bring an insurance product to the market that is better than any other option in the RV rental space. With DigiSure as our partner, RVshare will offer customers peace of mind, more benefits, and cost-saving solutions.”

Brian Rogers,
VP of Protection Products, RVshare

Overhaul your insurance ecosystem

If you are eager to see big improvements to your insurance process, we will help you make it happen in as little as 6 months from signing to launch.