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Case Study: TrustScreen™ with DigiSure

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DigiSure worked with a major P2P car sharing platform in the United States to analyze the impact of the renter screening process on claims costs. The goal of the project was to assess the results from DigiSure’s TrustScreen™ solution for a known group of users. Because insurance and claims costs were directly affecting profitability, the customer’s team was under high pressure to find the right solution and deliver immediate cost savings.

Using an existing data set from the customer, DigiSure’s process was able to identify 22% of problematic renters. DigiSure was able to prove the ROI of TrustScreen™ using claims cost alone. The DigiSure solution provides additional benefits in customer experience, protection of brand reputation, lower insurance premiums, and reduced claims management costs. As a DigiSure customer, the platform will also receive ongoing screening improvements from having their insurance and claims data on the DigiSure platform. 

Theoretically 22% of the incidents could have been prevented. We saw the largest uplift in a reduction of theft scenarios and in claims scenarios with a payment fraud element."


  • A large P2P car sharing platform was looking for ways to lower their insurance and claims 
  • Insurance and claims costs were higher than expected and negatively affecting the profitability of the company
  • Because profitability was at stake and established processes were driving substantial costs, there was internal pressure for any improvement to prove immediate ROI 

The customer approached DigiSure for a data and analytics engagement as part of a wider project to identify why their insurance and claims costs were not under control. They suspected upstream processes such as user screening could be improved to reduce those costs. Claims drive premium costs up over time, and the customer had been dealing with high claims losses for several policy renewals without finding a solution. Now both claims and insurance costs were an urgent issue, and the stakes for implementing new solutions were high. 

The renter screening process has to strike a balance between the friction of any additional steps in the onboarding flow against the potential savings from declining service to high risk renters and reducing losses. The customer’s existing process was streamlined, but did not have the depth of data or risk models to accurately identify high-risk renters. In addition, joining the screening data with user data was difficult, and managing multiple vendors and workflows was costly and incomplete. Teams across the organization were working with disjointed data sets and uncertainty on how to find a solution, leading to the engagement with DigiSure for a short term consulting project. 

An additional challenge for the customer was that they had a limited number of data points for each user. They were looking for guidance on what they needed to capture during user onboarding to better inform their screening options, given the potential for additional friction in the onboarding process. The pilot data set was more limited than DigiSure normally requires, but this allowed the project to show a head-to-head comparison against the incumbent solution. 



  • The customer chose to work with DigiSure on a short term data and analytics engagement using their own real data to prove out the value of a larger relationship
  • DigiSure used 200 profiles from their customer data set that had been approved by their existing screening solution, without being told which had made claims
  • DigiSure ran the profiles through their TrustScreen™ process, including underwriting support, using the data points available and identified potentially risky profiles

To kick off the engagement, the customer provided 200 previously screened profiles to see how well the DigiSure team could identify renters that later caused claims. DigiSure reviewed the data and identified missing and invalid fields due to the limitations of the existing screening process. From there, DigiSure configured the process to screen for compliance with platform requirements including driving history and a background check, fraud, synthetic profiles, claims risk, and ability to pay deductibles in event of an accident. Before moving forward, DigiSure advised the customer on how missing or invalid onboarding data would affect the outcome. 

DigiSure’s team ran the automated portion of the TrustScreen™ process and manually reviewed profiles that would be incomplete without intervention. From there, they were able to provide a complete report of findings to the customer’s cross-functional group of stakeholders. That included high level recommendations on approvals versus declines, and automated processing versus manual intervention. This was also compared to standard outcomes across other DigiSure customers to give an idea of future potential to increase automation without compromising the screening accuracy. Finally, DigiSure provided an overview of the risk mix, signals, and characteristics of profiles across the risk spectrum.  



  • DigiSure was able to identify 22% of renters that had already caused insurance and claims costs on the platform, including theft and fraud
  • The customer’s assessment was that implementing DigiSure’s TrustScreen™ process would lead to a positive return on investment, with improvements expected with additional renter data collected during onboarding and ongoing business reviews
  • DigiSure’s all in one solution to screening also lowers data vendor costs and operational complexity from managing multiple workflows for one outcome

After DigiSure delivered their findings, the customer compared the screening results against the claims data of renters included in the process. They concluded that DigiSure’s TrustScreen™ would have identified 22% of the renters who later went on to cost the platform through accidents, payment fraud, and theft. DigiSure was also able to provide guidance on how additional data points collected during onboarding will improve outcomes for the customer going forward. 

The focus of this engagement was on DigiSure’s ability to identify the riskiest, and therefore most costly renters. However this engagement also proved that DigiSure’s unique screening process would not limit profitable users accessing the platform. The customer can expect higher ROI and wider benefits across the business in a longer term partnership with DigiSure. 


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