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We run background checks for vehicle rental and subscription companies.

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We administer insurance and protection plans.

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We adjust claims and make payments on behalf of our customers.

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Completing your application

DigiSure runs background checks on behalf of our partners, and that may include reaching out to new users who have missing or incomplete information in their application. That way users don’t get left out if the automated systems run into an issue.

If someone from the DigiSure team reached out to verify your details, please respond to the message you received or directly to the platform you are applying to join.

DigiSure does not make the final decision on whether users are approved to use our customers’ platforms. For information on why your application was declined, please reach out directly to the Customer Service at the platform.

We may check sources such as background check, ability to pay, motor vehicle record and drivers license.

DS_Consumers_Insurance & Protection Plans 2

Insurance & Protection Plans

DigiSure works with mobility and sharing platforms to administer insurance and protection programs between the platform and an insurance carrier or reinsurer. DigiSure is not an insurance carrier, instead offering policy management and brokerage services as a licensed agent, to support our customers. The specifics of coverage and eligibility are decided by the platform.

Protection plans are available to consumers to reimburse them for certain losses in the event of an accident during their rental or subscription period. Protection packages can include liability and casualty coverage, as well as roadside assistance, wear and tear on a vehicle, lost key fob, property insurance while at a campsite, or anything else that would be an unwelcome expense.

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Accident Reporting and Claims

DigiSure handles claims on behalf of our partners, often from the initial incidence report. Our Adjusters are exceptionally experienced in the vehicles on our partners’ platforms, and they will work directly with renters and owners to get claims resolved quickly and accurately.

If someone from the DigiSure team reached out as part of the claims process, please respond the the message you received. You can also file a claim at