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Streamlined claims handling for mobility and short-term rental companies.

DigiSure offers best-in-class claims handling that cuts downtime in half and keeps customers happy—without costing you more.

The DigiSure ClaimsHub product and team were built for the needs of mobility, shared economy, and short-term rental companies. We start each claim already on third base with instant access to the user and policy data. No need to worry about overcoming legacy systems or other challenges that cause unnecessary complexity.

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Let DigiSure handle your claims so you can focus on your business

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Build a complete data set

Claims data is often input by different teams in different systems with different guidance. Get everything aligned in one place for a beautiful data set that can be used for a variety of initiatives. Including pre- and post-transaction photos and other artifacts available for loss analysis.

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Control the user experience when it matters the most

Users of your platform will probably only have a claim or two in their lifetime, and it will likely be a stressful experience. Handle every claim with the same high standards you have for the rest of your customer-facing departments. Reengineer your claims process to lower the overall impact on your business, not just a one-dimensional cost.

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Return assets back to the platform in half the time

Keep the vehicles on your platform earning and keep unknown claims costs under control by having fewer surprises hiding in your open liabilities.

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This year’s claims are next year’s premium

Know how the year is going and plan ahead by unlocking a real-time understanding of your claims. DigiSure gives you instant access to claims data that can be used for high-level planning and helps you make adjustments to your screening rules or budget at any point.

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Let us take the heat

Claims are inherently complicated. Let us take care of that while giving you the confidence that the process is best in class. 

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How we have used claims for good

Matching the right bike with the right rider

Our claims team noticed the rate of no-speed claims for motorcycles, meaning the bike fell over while it was not in motion, was too high. We then dug into the data we collected on those specific riders during screening, and noticed a trend. Based on the personal info on the drivers' licenses, we concluded that riders were renting bikes that were too tall and they were then having issues keeping the bike up when they stopped.

Armed with our findings, we worked with the customer to decide on the best user experience and removed unsuitable motorcycles from the renters' options to keep the process seamless for them.

Avoiding claims while saving holidays

Following an eventful Memorial Day weekend, our claims department observed an unusually high number of easily preventable claims. Incidents such as neglecting to remove glassware from the stove before turning it on, or failing to correctly retract the awning, were common. In response to this trend, by the Fourth of July weekend, we had curated a set of reminders for our partners to distribute.

This communication provided four straightforward tips to new renters aimed at minimizing mishaps and optimizing procedures should an incident occur. This proactive measure ensured a smoother rental experience and less disruption due to avoidable errors.


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Claim reporting

Use our flow or integrate into your own experience

DS_Claims Handling_Claim Recovery
Claim recovery

Our team handles subrogation and salvage

DS_Claims Handling_Carrier Reporting
Carrier reporting

We handle reciprocal and excess claims on your behalf

DS_Claims Handling_Claims Handling
Claims handling

Our in-house team of adjusters handle above and below deductible claims quickly

DS_Claims Handling_Claim Concierge
Claim concierge

Our team works with specialists for complex or injury claims

Ready to streamline your claims?

Let’s build a program using your data for a custom claims handling experience.