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How DigiSure Lowered Claims Costs and Improved Customer Experience



At DigiSure, we understand the challenges that come with managing the two-sided marketplace. One of the recurring issues we observed was that renters who were unfamiliar with certain types of vehicles were making beginner errors. These mistakes ranged from leaving glass on a cooktop before turning on the stove to not knowing when and how to properly take down an awning. Navigating a gas station in a large vehicle was also a common source of accidents.

Additionally, we recognized the universal benefit of having pre-departure photos, ensuring that both owners and renters had a clear record of the vehicle's condition before and after each rental. We needed to address these challenges proactively to reduce claims costs, improve the customer experience and save owners and the platform from the expense and hassle of taking assets out of service for repairs, which interrupted holidays and incurred significant costs. 



To tackle these issues head-on, we devised a simple yet effective solution that worked seamlessly with the partner's operations and customer service teams. We wanted to find a way to educate renters and provide them with essential reminders without inconveniencing anyone.

We created a short and informative email that could be sent to customers in the days leading up to busy holiday weekends. This email contained key reminders tailored to the specific challenges renters often faced. We highlighted the importance of avoiding common mistakes, such as leaving glass on the cooktop, mishandling awnings, and navigating gas stations with larger vehicles. We also emphasized the value of taking pre-departure photos. 

The brilliance of this solution lay in its simplicity. By sending out these reminders at the right time, we empowered renters with knowledge that not only reduced the likelihood of accidents but also ensured the safety and integrity of the vehicles they were renting. It required no additional effort on the part of the platform or its users, making it a win-win solution



The impact of this initiative was profound. Renters appreciated the proactive approach we took to educate them and enhance their rental experience. By receiving timely reminders, they felt more confident in their ability to handle the vehicles correctly. This, in turn, led to significant reduction in claims related to avoidable accidents, lowering claims costs for both owners and the platform.

Moreover, the improved safety and reduced downtime for vehicles meant that owners could keep their assets in service, uninterrupted, during busy holiday periods. This not only preserved their revenue but also contributed to a more positive owner experience on our platform. 

DigiSure's proactive approach to addressing common renter challenges not only lowered claims costs but also improved the overall experience for both renters and owners. By understanding our clients' goals, customers, and assets, we were able to implement a solution that aligned with their needs, saved them money, and enhanced their satisfaction with our platform. 


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