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Common Types of Fraud

Our Fraud and Risk Team works hard to keep your platform safe. If you'd like, they can also screen out users that are more likely to cost you money.

Here are the seven most common types of bad actors we see.


Friendly Fraud

Friendly Fraud

A user does not have a license, or has a suspended license, so they borrow their roommate’s license for registration. Credit card, address, phone and documentation are all valid, but one of the documents belongs to a different person.


Synthetic Identities

Synthetic Identities

Criminals purchase stolen assets online or from gangs, then they try different combinations of credit cards, driver’s licenses, etc. with a VOIP phone number to create accounts.



Forged Documents

Forged documents

A users updates a driver’s license or other documents using photoshop or physically taping paper on top so that they are in their own name.



Mismatched Identities

Mismatched Identities (1)

A user makes a booking on behalf of their spouse or family member. All documentation is valid and used with permission, but might not be compliant with platform requirements.



Credit Risk

Credit Risk (1)

A user has valid documentation and rents a vehicle, but after having an accident, the $2,000 deductible cannot be collected from their credit card due to existing past due balances.



Theft & Personal Safety

Theft & personal safety

A user with a previous theft felony conviction books a rental vehicle using valid documentation.



Risky Behavior

Risky Behavior

A user with a history of moving violations or other risky driving behaviors, such as handheld device usage, passes all compliance rules, but is 2-3x more likely to make a claim.



Do you have a solution that screens out bad actors, or are you still trying to find the right balance between risk and growth? Let us automate and simplify processes so you can work on issues that need deeper attention.

Bad actors are always going to try to access platforms, but with DigiSure you can confidently automate the screening process and focus on more nuanced challenges. Our team will work with you to get the exact right balance of risk versus growth. We know that there’s not one right answer, but there is a right answer for you.


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