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DigiSure reduces risk and removes inefficiencies with our digital insurance management system for modern mobility, sharing economy, and property management platforms.

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Your insurance program is so much bigger than your policies.

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Insurance connects everything driving risk and costs across your business. DigiSure gives you enterprise-level oversight over screening, user coverage, platform policies, and claims, with control down to each individual transaction.

Are you:

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Experiencing higher insurance costs or limited policy options?

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Trying to solve for claims costs that are higher than expected?

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Missing the opportunity to boost profit and increase users by offering insurance and protection plans?

Transform your platform and reach your potential using DigiSure's unrivaled tools and industry experience.

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Unlock your platform’s full potential

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Reduce risk and increase security

Identify potential operational risks and vulnerabilities with our cutting-edge technology and data-driven approach enable better risk management

Ensure a safer environment for all stakeholders involved.

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Enhance efficiency and streamlined operations

Streamline various insurance processes, from policy administration to claims handling and insurance program management.

Remove inefficiencies and automate tasks so platforms can operate more efficiently, saving time and resources. 

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Accelerated growth and scalability

Empowering platforms with our expertise and technology opens up new growth opportunities.

With the burden of insurance complexities lifted, platforms can scale their operations more confidently and expand into new markets. 

An end-to-end Protection-as-a-Service platform

DigiSure's Protection-as-a-Service platform streamlines insurance and protection programs for companies. It manages screening, insurance, policy administration, and claims handling while connecting these activities across the organization for informed decision-making.

We can customize a solution for each customer’s needs, or provide the full suite for the ultimate Protection-as-a-Service.

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One solution to all your KYC and screening needs—no in-house resources required

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Connect your commercial policies or admitted insurance products with the protection plans your users want

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Close claims twice as fast to keep assets earning, keep users happy, and lower your financial risk

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Insurance Services

Unlock expert insights and decision support from our team using your own clean data

Why leading brands choose DigiSure

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Lower your insurance program by 30%

One P2P rental company's Trust & Safety and Insurance program achieved reduced costs and greater control with a self-insured retention (SIR) program from DigiSure.

Reduce claims by 22% by weeding out bad actors

DigiSure’s TrustScreen™ solution gave one P2P car-sharing platform improved customer experience, brand reputation protection, lower insurance premiums, and decreased claims management expenses. 

Focus on your core business by letting DigiSure deliver solutions

Let’s build your program together.

Book a 30-minute intro call today to dive into how we enhance and streamline your process.