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On-demand insurance for P2P
marketplaces and the gig economy.

Get the exact coverage your business needs— for less.

Digisure harnesses the power of digitized data to offer insurance that reduces your risk, slashes your costs, and let’s you concentrate on what you do best.

Instant coverage,
total control

Our API integrates into your platform so your customers have easy access anytime, anywhere.

Lower costs &
greater flexibility

You pay only for the coverage you need, not some one-size-fits-all plan from a traditional insurance company.

Fraud prevention

Our advanced fraud detection platform identifies threats by leveraging a range of sophisticated tools and technologies to protect both the users and the marketplace.

Precisely calculated risk

Our unparalleled access and analysis of risk-related data means you get coverage that’s priced right and worry-free.

Hassle-free claims

We manage the claims process from start to finish so your support team has time to take better care of your customers.

Artificial intelligence

With our intelligent platform, we are able to process and understand users and their risk behavior in real time – and help you adjust your insurance coverage and rates in real time – to protect your platform.

Intelligent insurance.

Pricing is based on a precise, comprehensive risk assessment. Policy options are determined by the platform.

Built to protect and to serve.

How it works 

Fraud detection

We use multiple data sources to verify that the person you’re insuring is really who they say they are.

Risk profiling

We go beyond the traditional credit check and driving history to precisely calculate risk.

Smart pricing

Once we get an accurate risk score, our sophisticated algorithms calculate the correct, in-context price for the coverage.

Customized protection plans

Every plan is completely customizable according to your company’s needs and gives your customers complete control with add-ons, upgrades, and downgrades.

Claims processing

We handle the entire claims process by working with licensed adjusters until a resolution is achieved.

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On-demand insurance for mobility businesses.

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