We help mobility companies go faster and grow bigger.

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Cars & Motorcycles

From hourly rentals to ride-sharing vehicles to the growing car-subscription market, we have insurance solutions for everything on wheels.


Keep your fleet ready to hit the open road and give your adventure-loving customers the worry-free protection they need to fully enjoy their trip.

City Bikes & Scooters

Need to protect your human-powered fleet? We deflate your risk and your costs.

Delivery Services

Today, if it can be imagined, it can be delivered. Make sure you’ve got the right coverage for every delivery situation.

Mobile Service Workers

Mobile mechanics, car washers, pet groomers, windshield replacers—we cover everything.

Ride Share

Our Ride Share Business Protection Plan can get drivers back in a vehicle quickly and help them maintain their level of earnings while their vehicle is repaired.

In the mobility economy, you can’t avoid risk.

The anonymity of digital interactions creates a huge trust gap that’s a barrier to growth. But with Digisure, you’ll leave it to us to handle the risk. That means you can get out of the insurance business and focus on growing your real business.

Insurance any way you want it.

With Digisure, you get protection tailored to your needs. You’ll give your customers a better product, while reducing your costs and claims.

Make your customers happy while cutting your costs.